21533 - Manufacturing Engineer I

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Focus is on being a key contributor to one or more facets of varied projects with the skills and abilities reflective of professional training.
Is rapidly learning to develop an understanding of the customer requirements for each assigned responsibility.
Work with other functional areas on projects/assignments and assignments.
Apply customer requirements identified and developed by lead engineering and other core business personnel (i.e. marketing, sales, etc.).
Introduce ideas and possible solutions that are new and unique to the business.
Develop complete intermediate level work plans for small projects/sub projects/assignments, including expense/capital estimates and cost/benefit analysis.
Facilitate smaller teams having explicit objectives and scope.
Apply basic engineering analytical skills (SPC, process capability, etc) to resolve problems and to satisfy customer issues and market requirements.
Determine and report feasibility by analyzing and evaluating compatibility of material, process, assembly, and regulatory and legal requirements.
Assist in writing business cases
Evaluate and make recommendations for customer service issues.
Set design specifications and coordinate arrangements for all support activities.
Present technical information or proposals to supervisor/department manager, service department, sales and/or marketing.
Coach, guide and train less experienced staff on technical issues within immediate work area
Able to act as "in-charge" lead for intermediate level assignments/smaller projects
Work direction by supervisor is customary with minimal supervision.
Works independently toward completion of specifically defined tasks, including the latitude to coordinate activities outside the immediate work area and change personal priorities in order to carry out assignments.
Promotes Andersen interests through outside professional relationships at the local and regional level
Communicates with vendors (i.e. to coordinate quotes, prototypes and production plans).
Demonstrates ability to effectively apply acquired knowledge, skills and abilities to a variety of assignments within a moderate range of technical difficulty.
Shows an understanding of engineering and scientific methodologies and their successful application at an intermediate level of technical application.
Understands and applies methodologies associated with project planning.
Marion, OH US
Andersen Corporation

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